Ming Girl

I once stole a cat, and that made me bad

But no one knows it was me, so nobody got mad

I’m a good girl, I am not mean

I’m just fond of cats, that makes me a Ming


Meow Meow said the little cat

I hid him well on my belly, good thing I was fat

He scratched my skin but I just did sing

I like him so, that makes me a Ming


He sneaks and sleeps beside me

And I got no choice so I let him be

He invades my space it left my back aching

I shared my blanket even when by body is freezing


He sees himself in the mirror

Sometimes he’s amazed, sometimes angry, sometimes in terror

Boxes, plastics, and bags on smuggling

I laughed so hard, he’s a funny Ming


He scratches the mats

But he gets rid of the rats

He’s a good boy, he is not mean

He’s just a cat, he’s just a Ming


My ming doesn’t leave me

My ming doesn’t hurt me

He’s a good boy, he is my Ming

I’m not a mean girl, I’m just a Ming