The clumsiest part of me

Losing my grip

Stumbling across

Spilling coffee


Cuts on my fingers

Stupid fails

Wishful thinking…

I walk slowly

But I still trip

I bump my head anywhere

And often gets my foot twisted

Clumsy, that’s who I am


When my mom calls my full name, that’s when I did something careless again.

Times where either I ruin something, or accidentally hurt myself

I hate it

But I enjoy it

Sometimes I get embarrassed by it

But this is me.

When I do everything perfect, that’s not me

Clumsy, that’s who I am

Who says I can’t cook?

I can. It just tastes differently

Who says I can’t dance?

I can. I just don’t move on the beat

Who says I can’t sing?

I can. I just can’t find the right notes

Who says I can’t do it? I can. Just not quite right

Just a little bit below the expectation

Maybe I always succeed a little bit late

But I always try. I always do.

I was always made fun

Looked down upon

Cause something always goes wrong.

I am not trusted, I am not reliable

With me, things will never go as planned

But what they don’t know about clumsy people like me is that we work the hardest.

We make the most mistakes, but we are also the ones who are most afraid to do something wrong.

We actually don’t do careless. Because we care the most about the little details and study everything before we do it.

We are the type of people who don’t give up easily.

We are those who are not embarrassed to start all over again.

We are those who are not afraid to admit that we failed.

We are people who are not afraid to take risks.

We try and try. And find the best thing we can do.

We are not afraid to get hurt, because we, ourselves, are used to it.

We are the ones who do not care about self image.

We are the underdogs.

We are people who just smiles despite of our defeat.

We always fight.

And though it’s as if we have epic fails written on our foreheads, we still want to succeed.

I look at people and imagine myself if I’m not clumsy.

Except I can’t.

I just love the fails

I can’t imagine my life without the experience of just enjoying things.

Perfect is boring.

Clumsy is the new fun.

Clumsy, that’s who I am.


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