That flower

What is more painful than a broken heart, what is worse than a fallen expectation. What is farther than the longest trail of hopes, what is higher than mountains of grief. 

Once there was a flower. That flower that still blooms even under too much sunlight. That flower that swims into flooding water. That flower that stands tall even with the strongest  blowing of winds. That flower that broke into the smallest pieces, that flower that fell the hardest. That is the flower that’s willing to walk the longest trail towards sunshine, that flower who is still willing to love higher than any mountain.

The flower once wanted to belong. She wanted to be seen, she wanted to be cared about. For once she wanted to be painted with the brightest of colors, she hoped to feel more than a beauty. That was that flower’s dream. The most beautiful one, but perhaps the cruelest. 

She tried so hard, but can’t stand to live. To be someone else, she died in search for acceptance that no one dared to give. 

No one knew how beautiful is that flower but she’s not yet in full bloom. In a world where everyone sees the colors.When all that was cared about is beauty. That flower decided to stand just looking at the crowd.She was seldom seen, never cared about. Deprived of color, less of a beauty. 

But she realized at some point she liked it. She likes to stand far where there is no blindness, where there is no taking advantage, no comparison. A world where there were no measures and rules. A place where she feels free. A world full of only her. 

Self made. Hand made. Heart made. 

That flower was made of bright lights. She shines to the point that it’s blinding. She comes alive with the notes of the sweetest music. She lives by the story written by the best writer ever told. She always longs for the sun to rise.Even with the darkest of the night, she gives light. Even with the deafening sound of silence, she sings the most beautiful melody. 

That flower is alive. That flower lives. That flower gives life. 

With that she knew what she wanted.

Stay not so far, but not too near.

Give not too much, but not too little. 

Offer love with a sincere heart, but never lose yourself. 

Now that flower blooms with the kind of beauty she has always wanted. She is painted with colors she personally picked herself. She became the strongest, she turned to be the most beautiful. 

What she wanted, she did not have it all. 

But she’s achieved greater. She has come farther. 

Yet, she remains to be that same flower.


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