I close my eyes and I imagine how incredible is the brain

It still works even when I’m sleeping with the song sung by the rain

It won’t stop working, won’t stop thinking, won’t stop remembering

If I’m already gone, why am I still breathing?

Slowly I am sinking

Into the darkness, I am slowly falling

Deeper and deeper unto the place where I feel nothing

Embracing the oblivion where my heart’s not wailing

I touch my feet on the ground as I shiver

To the numbing coldness here underwater

Subsided in tears, thick with fears

I let go of myself as I spiral in spheres

I swim freely in this enormous space

Beautifully lost in calmness and grace

With love and caution I hold on to the gems

A cashmere, a pearl, my life, all beautiful emblems

They say I have to leave soon

The waters are mad, there’s a forthcoming typhoon

I stomp my feet but the weight lowers me down

They tell me to let go, or else I will drown

I found myself lost in a piercing shriek

Kicking my feet to the roaring pound of the beat

Feelings that are not meant to be felt shaking hard in collision

All that’s left of me, subject for destruction

Will you save me, please say yes

Not in the storm but on this continuing emptiness

Where the land has been planted with dreamt kisses and promises

Should I wait until the pain ceases

Or should I swim up now and start picking up myself and the scattered pieces?


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